Are you looking for ways to develop work in the traditional arts, active learning in history, or cross curricular links?

Does your PE curriculum pass the "dances from different periods and cultures" test?

Do you want to get started with "living history", or move beyond into more in depth use of role play to investigate and interpret places and events?

Are you planning a school or community event which calls for dance and music?

Verna's varied experience working with children and adults, and up to date working knowledge of curriculum requirements, has equipped her to act as an adviser, facilitator, trainer or manager for projects in a wide range of contexts:

She has an extensive network of contacts to draw on, and can usually track down the necessary specialist skills, or answers to tricky questions, when working on projects.

A particularly successful project was the production of "The Bridge", a community play for which Verna devised the music and choreography, and managed the recording and commercial distribution of the music.

Contact Verna at to discuss your individual needs, She can offer informal advice, audits of existing work, needs and feasibility assessment, through to complete project management and review. Verna will offer advice in written reports or presentations as required, and is happy to work collaboratively with other agencies.

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